Bella Box ContentLike you, I really, really wish we could send The Bella Box™ sooner than mid-May. I really do. (I must, since I keep using the word “Really.” That’s a sure sign of my sincerity. Really.)  Anyway, because of the time needed to kit the fabrics and gather the supplies and prepare and send the box, mid-May is simply the soonest we can send it. But the good news is that May is just next month (next month!!!) and the Spring 2020 Bella Box is definitely worth the wait.

The other good news is that we’re about to make these last weeks super fun with a series of contests, including coordinating bonus designs and absolutely fantastic prizes. And guess what? The first contest begins TODAY. Right now, in fact! So I just have one question: Are you “ready to bumble?” 

Here’s a step-by-step of how to join the fun. (And we sure hope you will!)

  1. Open Your Email
    Everyone who purchases The Bella Box™ qualifies for participation in the contest and will receive an email on Wednesday, April 8. This email includes a link to the contest page and a password.*
  2. Download the Bonus Design
    Click the link from the email and download your brand-new, bonus embroidery design by entering your email address and the password you received.
  3. Get Stitching
    Stitch this “bee”autiful design (and yes, that’s a hint!) in the most creative way you can imagine. Anything goes! Please be sure to use the entire design.
  4. Use Yellow Fabric
    As part of the contest, you must somehow incorporate yellow fabric into your creation. (Scraps will do!)
  5. Post and Tag
    Take a picture of your completed project and post on Facebook or Instagram with the tag @kimberbelldesigns and #bellabox. Submission deadline is midnight (MDT) on Tuesday, April 14th.
  6. Tune in on April 15th
    ALL entries will be put into a drawing held on Wednesday, April 15th and the winner announced on a special Kimberbell Facebook Live.

Click here to see the official rules.Facebook Live Announcement

Click here to watch the Facebook Live announcement by Kim.


And the winner receives (drumroll, please)…

Bella Box Contest PrizesA FREE Kimberbell Curated: Citrus & Sunshine package, including the USB with design files and instructions, a selection of our new Lace Zippers, and even a Citrus & Sunshine Fabric Bundle from Maywood Studio! Trust me–you’re going to LOVE the fresh designs and beautiful colors. (Oh, and did I mention this prize is worth over $99?) 

We can’t wait to see your entries! Knowing Kimberbellas and Fellas as we do, we’re quite sure your creativity will blow us all away. Stand by for even more contest announcements…while I stand by to watch your ideas and inspiration roll in! (I might just make a batch of Citrus & Sunshine Cookie Bites to snack on while I wait.)

Oh, and I should probably tell you the most important rule of all: HAVE FUN.


*This bonus design will be available to everyone who purchases The Bella Box. If you purchase yours after April 8th, you’ll get the download link in your confirmation email.

**Kimberbell Curated: Citrus & Sunshine will be available to purchase from quilt shops after April 15, 2020.

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