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Take a Peek! Zipper Pouch Logo and Bags


I don’t know about you, but I’m ALL about little bags. I have them in my purse. I have them in my car. I have them in my bathroom. I have them in my desk. There are a million and one uses for little zippered bags, and mine hold everything from pencils and Band-Aids to makeup and more. In fact, I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anyone: I love attending Kimberbell Events because of the wonderful projects, of course, but another reason is because I want the Attendee Kit zipper bag! (Can I admit that?) In fact, there may or may not be a Spark Event bag in my purse right this minute holding fingernail clippers, eye drops, and Chapstick.

I suspect that you also appreciate cute little bags, which is why I’m thrilled to introduce you to Kimberbell’s Take a Peek! Zipper Pouches! Simple to stitch and very giftable, Kimberbell’s Take a Peek! Zipper Pouches are made from Sweet as Candy Colored VinylEmbroidery Leather, and beautiful Lace Zippers. Each size features its own unique quilting pattern and is lined with fabric, stitched in two embroidery machine hoopings, and finished on a sewing machine. Just imagine the possibilities with me as we “peek” a little closer at these darling bags.


Collage of all size zipper pouches


First of all, there are SIX pouch sizes in the collection, three horizontal and three vertical, for 5×7, 6×10, and 8×12 hoops. Each size has its own quilting pattern.

Think of the potential for mixing and matching! Which reminds me, we should talk a little about the Sweet as Candy Colored Vinyl (also a brand-spanking-new product). This tastefully tinted vinyl comes in three sets: Greens & Blues, Pinks & Purples, and Clear. (As an aside, I love the packaging! The little candies show the actual vinyl peeking through. Adorable!)


Sweet as Candy Colored Vinyl (and Clear Vinyl) packaging


The Greens & Blues set includes four colors of vinyl (Fresh Mint, Spearmint, Gummy Bear, and Hawaiian Ice), with two sheets per color. All of these yummy-sounding vinyls coordinate beautifully with our new Lace Zippers.


Sweet as Candy Vinyl, Greens and Blues, with Lace Zippers


The Pinks & Purples set also includes four colors (Peach Tea, Taffy, Gumdrop, and Grape) with two sheets of vinyl per color. So bright! So vibrant!


Sweet as Candy Vinyl: Pink and Purples with Lace Zippers



Close-up of Take a Peek! Zipper Pouch with quilting stitchesAren’t those Lace Zippers striking? Colors include Deep Sea Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, Navy, Ruby, LipstickLavender, and more, all topped by a vintage brass zipper pull. The bottoms of the Take a Peek! Zipper Pouches are made from soft and supple Embroidery Leather. Have you fallen in love with Embroidery Leather yet? Because you will. (Just saying. You’ve been duly warned.)

Close-up of Take a Peek! Zipper pouch, fully-lined

As mentioned above, each bag is also lined with fabric. I know I said this a minute ago, but there are SO many possible color combinations! Talk about experiencing the joy of creativity! 




I also want to mention that Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl is the perfect touch for creating the illusion of “glass” in a variety of Kimberbell projects. Think truck windows on Buttons: Always in Season, Mason jars for July Bench Buddies, glossy fruit slices in Kimberbell Curated: Citrus & Sunshine, and much more!

Well, those are the Take a Peek! Zipper Pouches and their coordinating products! What do you think? And who will you make a zipper pouch for? A grandchild? A neighbor? A teacher? A friend? Or will you make one for your purse, your desk, your car, your backpack…

So many pouches, so many possibilities. With Take a Peek! Zipper Pouches, your creativity really is “in the bag!” (I just can’t help myself.)


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