Clasp Purse Frame, Small Crescent-Vintage Brass set of 2


Kimberbell Clasp Purse Frames come in four styles: a large rectangle, a large crescent, a small rectangle, and a small crescent. Small sizes come in a set of two, while large sizes are sold individually. As classy and functional accessories, these vintage brass frames come with all necessary paper cording and are used in a variety of Kimberbell purse projects!


Small Crescent

Kimberbell’s Small Crescent Clasp Purse Frames are approximately 3 ¾” wide and come in a set of two. These vintage brass frames include paper cording and are perfectly sized for small Kimberbell purse projects with a crescent-shaped opening.

  • Item #: KDKB190
  • UPC: 818514021622
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