Here Comes the Sun! Bella Box Contest #3 - Kimberbell Designs

It was so great seeing your smiling faces, happy dances, and declarations of “BINGO!” all week! Thank you for having some fun with us between contests. Great job on organizing your sewing rooms and smelling the flowers and contacting your quilt shop and everything else. Your posts lifted my spirits all week!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready for blue skies, sunshine, and a new Bella Box contest! So…here comes the sun! “And I say, it’s all right!” (Hey, I love The Beatles.) 

Official Rules

  1. Open Your Email
    Everyone who purchases The Bella Box™ qualifies for participation in the Here Comes the Sun contest and will receive an email on Wednesday, April 29th. This email includes a link to the contest page and a unique password. (Please do not share this password on social media or in any other way.) If you have trouble receiving this email, please see Let’s Troubleshoot: Receiving Emails.
  1. Download the Bonus Design*
    Click the link from the email and download your bonus embroidery design by entering your email address and the password you received. You’ll need to do this from a computer and not a mobile device!
  1.  Get Stitching
    Stitch the design and have fun! (Please be sure to use the entire design.)
  1. Add Stripes
    As part of this contest, you must somehow incorporate stripes!
  1. Tag and Post
    Take a picture of your completed project and post on Facebook or Instagram. Please put the following in your post:
  • @kimberbelldesigns
  • #bellabox
    Submission deadline is midnight (MDT) on Tuesday, May 5th.
  1. Tune in on Wednesday, May 6th.

ALL entries will be put into a drawing held on Wednesday, May 6th and the winner will be announced on a special Kimberbell Facebook Live.

We can’t wait to see what you create! 

Click here to see the official rules.

Click here to see the Facebook Live.


*This bonus design will be available to everyone who purchases The Bella Box. If you purchase yours after April 29th, you’ll get the download link in your confirmation email.

**By submitting your project and tagging us, you’re giving Kimberbell Designs permission to use your content for marketing purposes.

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